downloadPenny Morgan is an Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS, and specializing in helping her clients to get the best legal deductions on their tax returns. Penny is also an NTPI FELLOW, specializing in Representation before the IRS. She is a member of National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and Texas Society of Enrolled Agents (TxSEA).

Penny moved to Arlington in 1989, as a single parent she worked two jobs to support herself and her son. She worked for M.E. “Gene” Hill Farmers Insurance Agency for 18 years. In 1991 she started working for H & R Block as a tax preparer, and she worked for Block for 16 years. During her time at H & R Block she taught their Basic and Advanced tax classes. In 2004 the M. E. “Gene” Hill Agency was closed due to Mr. Hill’s health, so Penny started concentrating on getting licensed by the IRS as an Enrolled Agent. During the next year she worked part time for H & R Block teaching and preparing tax returns. That ended up being a real blessing for Penny, because it allowed her to spend time with her sister Candy and to help with her hospice care. Candy died of cancer on 07/20/2005. Penny was also able to take the Enrolled Agents test, which she passed and was licensed in April 2005. Penny worked for The Schlichting Group in North Dallas for 8 years, preparing taxes for 5 years and representing clients before the IRS for 3 years. Penny’s specializes in tax preparation of small business, clergy, cancellation of debt, foreign income exclusion, and capital gains and losses. She can also assist with IRS issues, for someone who owes the IRS money but is unable to pay in full.